Our Classes

Start improving your math. Join classes in Singapore or Online for Primary Mathematics, GEP Preparation, Math Olympiad or Additional Mathematics conducted by celebrated Coach/Author Terry Chew B.Sc. Our maths tuition centre is located in the West but students in the East are encouraged to join our e-Coaching classes online to gain exposure to the newest, unpublished training material. With the integration of the olympiad flavour in the PSLE and GEP maths questions, students will be enriched with a high degree of problem-solving skills. See Sample Problems to better understand our teaching curriculum.

Our Guarantees

New Material

Math ≠ memory. Fresh questions generated to stimulate thinking!

Fun & Passion

Love of math is highly encouraged.
Enthusiasm = Math*Champs2.


This is a virtue we strongly believe in. Learning takes time.


Olympiad techniques allows for conversion of numbers to logic.


Discussion among classmates opens up a new perspective.


A little friendly competition is more reason for improvement.

Workshops for Schools

Competition preparation and post-exam enrichment courses are available from Primary up to IMO levels.

All Coaches are MOE-Certified.

Teachers, school representatives or learning centres are welcome to Contact Us for more information.

Our Fees

15-minute free trial lesson available

Upper Primary - 200 for 4 lessons.
Lower Primary - 180 for 4 lessons.


Lower Primary - 280 for 4 lessons.


Upper Primary - 240 for 4 lessons.
SMO Junior     - 280 for 4 lessons.
SMO Senior    - 360 for 4 lessons.


Upper Secondary - 280 for 4 lessons.


Teaching Certification

Teachers who wish to join us or enrich their teaching careers may apply to our 'Train the Trainer - Olympiad Techniques' course.

The 'Train the Trainer - Olympiad Techniques' course focuses on teaching problem solving through visualisation. It covers a range of 24 topics over the course of eight 90-minute sessions. Basic requirements need to be met for acceptance into the course. Contact Us to find out more.

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